RideRack Information

The RideRack Bicycle Security System is constructed entirely of Type 301 non-rusting stainless steel.

The curves are rolled in one continuous piece of 1 1/2 stainless steel tubing for the larger diameters and two pieces that are welded for the smaller diameters. All welds are stainless steel welds.  The exterior finish of the entire RideRack is a Number 4 Trade recognized satin finish.  The finish is resistant to marring and scratching from attachment devices.

The RideRack is anchored to a concrete sidewalk using four 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel Hilti anchors per wheel.

The RideRack structure provides rounded corners and curves that will ensure no marring for a user’s high end bicycle which will be attached for security purposes.

The diagonal; 3in+/- wide strut provides the opportunity for an advertising name identification panel.

RideRack Bicycle Security System